Lifetime Achievement Awards


Diana Cox

Diana Cox(r) has been a long term Board member, serving as Treasurer, Secretary and Annual Conference Chair. Diana was the catalyst for growth of the Annual Conference. Also pictured, Mark Cahill, 2012 NGEAO President.

Rick Fitzgerald

Rick Fitzgerald is a 20 year member of NGEAO, who has been continuously involved in the educational efforts of the organization for the members and the industry through OERB. He has also been a driving force behind our partnership with the Universities.

Linda Roberts

Linda Roberts has 37 years as an NGEAO member, despite often being employed outside Oklahoma. She founded the informal gathering of women referred to as Gas Hags (Hard-working Able Gas Staff), and hosts a luncheon for the group during the annual conference. In 1976, she was one of two women members of the "Natural Gas Men's Association of Oklahoma" (NGEAO's earlier name), and back then was not allowed on the 14th floor of the Petroleum Club which excluded women on the floor where the men ate and played cards during lunch time.



Jennifer Greenwell

Jennifer Greenwell has been an NGEAO member for 16 years and in the oil and gas industry 25 years, beginning her career with LB Jackson Drilling. Ms. Greenwell has held progressive roles in accounting, gas balancing, scheduling, marketing and contract negotiation. Ms. Greenwell is currently employed by Nadel and Gussman, LLC, an independent oil & gas producer, and has worked for them 13 years. As an NGEAO board member, Ms. Greenwell can be credited for initiating NGEAO's monthly luncheon meetings to foster education and networking among industry peers, thus paving the way for other NGEAO programs, like scholarships and educational programs.








Sonja Langlee

Sonja moved to Oklahoma from Houston in 1992 to work for Transok. She was elected NGEAO President in 1999, and while the industry went through lean times, she recognized NGEAO as a useful networking tool. Over the next decade and a half, Sonja continued to work for NGEAO in various board positions and volunteer roles, including her most popular chairmanship as the Door Prize Chairman for the annual conference.  She handled the task for many years even when you actually shopped and purchased prizes. This was long before gift cards became the prize of choice.   Today she is the Gas Supply Manager for Aka Energy Group and continues to serves as a mentor in the industry and is an advocate for college student involvement in the organization.  Sonja makes a difference in NGEAO by continuing to share her knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and the ability to recognize strength in others.


Susan Manning

Susan Manning was the President of NGEAO from 2004-05. A former Gas Supply Representative for Oneok Field Services, Susan is currently an Energy Consultant who has partially retired from the oil and gas business. Her contributions to NGEAO are many. Susan is responsible for technological advancements in the organization’s online event registration process and the partnership with Memberclicks, the company that handles the website, membership database, meeting registrations and communications. She contracted with the credit card service company and set up online banking procedures so that members could use their credit cards and pay for events online. She set up Treasury procedures to ensure NGEAO’s taxes were filed properly and timely. Her commitment has been immeasurable.